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Training and everyday events.


Training on new grounds and Picking up

Posted on November 27, 2011 at 3:37 AM Comments comments (655)
We have been lucky enough to get permission to Train Jay Jay on a shoot just a few miles from us. The old syndicate on there had fallen apart and so we popped along and got permission of the land owner.
We haven't found much game there but we have found some :) and there is some wonderful areas for her to train on as you can see from the footage.
We were on shoot yesterday and we consider ourselves very lucky with the shoot we go to as it has wonderful people and a shoot captain/land owner that works his socks off to achieve a good shoot day for all. Even the beaters have a mode of transport to carry them whenever possible between drives.
This year there is some beautiful mixed cover crops which held the birds well and I cannot wait to work Jay Jay through them. Plenty of birds where put in front of the guns and with the wind on the day the flew well.
We all gather together for the normal drinks before we start the day and then half way through we have more drinks, hot soup and hot dogs :) Then we all get treated to a pub lunch, and yes you guessed it, another drink :) Guns and Beaters together.
There is also a great array of dogs from the captains German Short haired Pointers to a King Charles Caviler that goes through the bushes with sheer joy and determination in his heart, named after 'Father Ted'. he is a joy to watch :)
Whilst I am very grateful to our shoot captain allowing me to be on the picking up line I cannot wait to once again be back on the beating line, though I think the old knee needs another fortnight before that happens :(
It is such a total joy to have Jay Jay working away in front of me but until then the picking up line is a good lesson in patience for Jay Jay and a way for me to be on shoot but to not do much damage to the knee. 
We are so blessed to have our dogs and the pleasure that working them brings.
One of the shoot captains Germans
          Gary & Jay Jay                                                   The wonderful Ted with his charming owner

Plan of Action

Posted on July 31, 2011 at 2:18 AM Comments comments (931)
This is the time of year when people will be sending their dogs off to be trained up by the professionals, if they haven't done so already, for the start of the shooting season. They do this mainly to resolve issues they have not been able to put right and/or to give their dogs plenty of opportunity to be shoot over as here in south
 we do not have the ground or abundance of rabbits that are up north.
I'm meaner to the professionals I know as they have to put up with me :) For while boarding your dogs with a professional, to then get it back now doing all that you ask off it is great for some, for us it would not be so. Jay Jay is our sweetheart and we could never send her away. Plus I feel, for me, the joy is in the partnership I have with our dogs and the achievements we make together
So to hand her over to a professionals would be like cheating on a test and us.
So after our session yesterday with Jay Jay in the field to see what she was like after her few weeks off, we formed a plan of action for her. ....
....The main one being that we will hopefully give her the shooting season she was meant to have last year. A full shooting season (fingers crossed) will give Jay Jay the experience she needs and has yet had because of the barb wire incident she had not long into last year shooting season.We are also going to do some days with a group of people on a friends farm, more in a trialling style than shooting on those days, which will be great and something we will look forward to as the person who owns the place is a wonderful host and friend, plus Gary gets to shoot, bliss.
These days will be a total gem for Jay Jay and I as with me not being a driver the opportunity for Jay Jay to be shoot over are not enough.
We are also hoping to do a fortnightly training session with other people we know, one being an excellent trainer and another being a fab cake maker :)
Then in February we will round it off with a trip up to David Lisett, date yet to be confirmed but Davey has promised to fit us in for our two days with him in Feb, and I will hold it him to it :) DL's input will be much wanted as the pups will be the right age for assessing, and gaining his opinion on what to do with them will be invaluable 
So with all that planned I had better get her training underway which will be reviewing the basics and building her confidence, getting her in a calmer state of mind as she is always waiting with heighten anticipation of what is next to come, so much so her brain can't take in the information I'm giving her because she is 6 paces ahead in her mind :) 
My task to aid all this,
To get fit, enjoy and to not Panic, 'Don't Panic' he he he

A beautiful day to start the training for the shooting season

Posted on July 30, 2011 at 10:34 AM Comments comments (750)
It is a cracking day aided by the beautiful area we live in.
What better day for getting the training started for the shooting session, even though Rosie is still with us and I did say I would wait until she left us on monday, but on a day like this how could I resist.
We got Jay Jay out in the back field, the long grass being cut and regular turned by the farmer. He was actually in the next field turning the hay whilst we had one of what will hopefully be the first of many sessions with Jay Jay on the run up to the shooting season. We need to give her the year she was meant to have last year before the barb wire incident. She has certainly rested long enough, so time to get cracking.
Mia is once again allowed with the pups, which she is loving. They have stopped attempting to get milk of her and actually play with her now. She as always her soft natured self with them with just the right amount of correction to them when needed and it is such a joy to see. I have captured it many times but the camera is playing up and will often wipe the whole session of the disc  :(
Of course it only does so when I have captured the really cracking sessions, doesn't do it when I capture boring quiet moments.
I am missing the pups that have gone but we have found wonderful homes for them, so it is really happiness tinged with sadness. Once sweet Rosie has left home, we will start to train the two that stay behind, and I will try to capture some of it on tape, fingers crossed.

Another Puppy filled week

Posted on July 17, 2011 at 12:12 PM Comments comments (936)
Another, Puppy filled week, my poor adults will heave a sigh of relief when I once again start training them and get them fit for the shooting season, and myself.
It is not long at all before the start of it and Mia wants getting back into shape and a refresher whilst Jay Jay needs more work to get her back to where she was and then to gain her total trust. I want from Jay Jay the same look I get from her mother when Mia and I are on shoot together, she looks up straight into my eyes with total trust that I will tell her what to do next and that what I tell her will be right. She then with total trust goes off and performs the task, all the time having the experience and confidence to use her initiative when correctly needed. 
But if I don't get Mia's refresher course up and running, who knows what she will do on shoot, bless her :)
Alfinmarsh Rosie Choice
Dropped two of the puppies off to their new homes yesterday, yes there was tears after we dropped the first one off, Lizzy, but not after the second was dropped off :) The key to me not sobbing, is to take another puppy along so I can get a cuddle on the way back from the spare he he he!
We have learnt over the years, with the families that have young children it is best, for their sake, if when we drop the puppies off we do not stay too long as they need to settle the children in with the new pup without us their. But if there are no young children about, as there was not in the second home, we can stay  for longer to watch the pup playing with the spare and them getting use to new grounds, then we just disappear.
Boo Hoo Waillll :)
The wonderful Vicki has been across twice this week, so on monday we took Vicki's JJ and our Bella & Alfie (JJ grandparents) out, and then on thursday I took Mia (JJ's mum) out with him and Vicki and as always a great time was had by all the dogs.
Nicky also came over with her daughter Hannah to have a play with the pups and a play with her her cam corder, she took some wonderful clips of the puppies. Nicky took some at normal speed and others in slow motion, really great montage.